Links of Interest

Are you International Student looking to gain International Experience in Iringa?

If you are international student and interested in learning  about issues impacting urban and rural communities in Tanzania through undertaking academic course, then Iringa Community Development, Language & Culture is right place for you! For more detail, please visit this website.

Are you looking for a tour company to help  you plan a safari in Iringa?

If you are interested to planning a safari tour during your stay in Iringa, there are several safari tours companies that can help arrange one for you. These companies include:

  1. Chabo African Safaris
  2. Italo Masai Safaris
  3. Kamwene Heritage Tours
  4. Masoko Tours & Safaris

For precise details about the above companies, please go to this website.  For Bateleurs Safari, to their website.

Are you interested in learning about Iringa Municipal or the Iringa Districts?

To learn more about the Iringa Municipal district, please visit THIS website. To learn more about the Iringa District, please visit THIS website.